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A Thai runner getting ready for the Eiffel Tower

Thai runner Amnaj Prompinun will take part in the 2018 Eiffel Tower Vertical!

At 66, Amnaj will be the senior runner of the 2018 edition. Every day after work, he practices hard to succeed in this challenge.

His hobbies consist of: running, exercising and helping others. His daily routine is: wake up at 03:30 every morning, go for a 10km run before climbing up the stairs to his place of work (the Compass Skyview Hotel). It is fair to say that Amnaj is truly dedicated to the sport!

He is the three-time winner of the biggest tower-running event in Thailand: "Baiyok Tower". He also took part in many vertical races in Vietnam, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, USA, Canada and Italy.

"I used to smoke and drink. But when I started running, I quit it all. It was the right choice for me, running improves my health. I did not contract any serious disease and I did not have to go the hospital after I started running. Nothing ca prevent me from running and I will keep running whenever and wherever I want. I always wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower but I never had the chance to. I am looking forward to coming to France this year because it is a dream come true for me. It is amazing! " Amnaj Prompinun.