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If I am not drawn, am I refunded the amount of my pre-registration ?

No refund is possible. All entry fees (deducted from € 1 registration fee) will be donated to charity.

Is there a waiting list after registration has closed ?

There is no waiting list, even in case of cancellation.

Where can I find a template of medical certificate ?

Click here to download our template of medical certificate.

I registered online. When and how can I provide my medical certificate ?

You can upload your medical certificate here until March 1st 2020 here.

Can I use my license instead of my medical certificate ?

Yes, if it is a license from 2019-2020 delivered by one of the following federations: FFA, FFTRI, FSCF, FSGT and UFOLEP

What are the validity criterion for the medical certificate ?

Your medical certificate will only be valid if it holds the mention “no contraindication to participate in sport competitions or running competitions or athleticism competitions” and if it has been delivered less than a year before the day of the competition. You will not be able to retrieve your bib if the medical certificate has not been approved by the organizer.

How can I make sure that I am registered and/or that I entered all my information ?

You can check your registration application at any time with the registration number indicated in the confirmation e-mail you received or by clicking this link

What are the criteria selection to participate to the amateur runners lottery ?
  • Stair courses : Anyone finishing a staircase race of at least 700 steps has the opportunity to pre-register
  • Climbing courses : Finisher of a vertical km
  • Road races:
    10 km: Time strictly less than 50 min (12.0 km / h)
    20 km: Time strictly less than 1h49min (11.0 km / h)
    21.1 km: Time strictly less than 1h54min (11.0 km / h)
    42.2 km: Time strictly inferior to 4h13min (10.0 km / h)
  • Trails : Anyone finishing a Trail from a minimum distance of 45 km has the opportunity to pre-register.

NB: Any performance must be justified via a diploma or official result of the test carried out by the competent organization. The rider must ensure that it appears in the document provided during the pre-registration and that his NAME and Surname are spelled correctly.

How are elites and registered runners divided ?

Le Verticale de la Tour Eiffel® is composed of 131 participants as follows :

  • 40 elites runners coming from the running community => designated in the Division Regulation A
  • 81 runners selected by lottery at the close of pre-registration for the race => designated in the Division Regulation B
  • 10 runners selected by the organization with wildcards => designated in the Division Regulation C
  • 40 elites (Division A) will be selected by a committee of experts, following their pre-registration. 

The date of appointment of runners Division A is fixed for December, 11th 2017. Pre-registration for the Eiffel tower Vertical® for the 79 runners selected by lottery (Division B) is open under certain conditions (see he Eiffel tower Vertical® entry in terms - Division B) to any person, male or female born in 1998 or before (hopefuls to veterans categories), licensed or not.