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New format : the opinion of the elites !

Due to the progress of the work undertaken by the Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel on the monument, we cannot guarantee access to the top. This is why, in 2020, we are innovating with a new competition format.

For this 6th exceptional edition, the race to climb the most visited monument in the world offers participants the chance to climb the first two levels of the Eiffel Tower twice (665 steps to be climbed on each ascent with a cumulative time on both runs), and for the best to compete in a third ascent in the final (almost 2000 steps for the finalists).

But what do our two five-time winners and our other elite athlete think? Easier or harder? Better, worse or simply different?  


Suzy WALSHAM, Australian, 5th time winner 
"The new concept is really exciting and challenging. The strategy for the heats and the rhythm will be important. The final will be a fun and interesting race for spectators and athletes alike. I am really excited to see how I will be in this race format and of course I will do my best to defend my previous 5 titles. » 

Piotr LOBODZINSKI, Polish, 5th time winner 
" I will definitely come back to Paris in 2020 to defend my title. I know it will be harder for me and Suzy because we are not as good sprinters, but 3 tries should help us. For sure the event will be more competitive and spectacular for the spectators. I'm looking forward to it. » 

So will Piotr and Suzy manage to defend their title on this new format? See you on Wednesday 11th March from 8pm to find out!